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Falstaff Brewery

Paddy, a prize-winning bare-knuckle fighter has been seen here, his fists raised.

Update 3/12/21: The pub and brewery responded to my Facebook query for recent occurrences: "yes we are still haunted although they have been much less active of late. We still see the odd things getting moved about and still hear furniture being moved when no-one is in the room and our little boy in the cellar still plays a trick every so often. We were aware of certain things that they didn't like (glasses stored on a particular shelf, a clock hung in a particular position) and have altered these things so as to keep them a little happier which I suspect is the reason why they are a little calmer." When asked about the little boy, I was told, "His name is Billy, we think he was around 8 years old. He is very mischievous and likes to play tricks on the staff. He has been known to hide things for days and then put them in very obvious places that could not have been missed. Every so often he will make one of the barrel connectors seize so that a barrel can't be changed until the staff ask him out loud to let them change it. As soon as we say "Billy let me change the barrel please" it becomes immediately unstuck and we are able to change it as normal. All of our spirits are non-aggressive but Billy is the one that most likes attention and acknowledgement. We leave a toy car and a teddy bear in the back room of the cellar for him and we often find they have been moved over night." When I asked if Billy had ever been seen, I was told, "No we haven't seen him but have played with him using a "drawing board" (looks like a chopping board on wheels with a holder for a pen through the middle. You stand it on a big sheet of paper and people lightly touch the edges of the board whilst asking questions. Best done with a medium present) he has drawn us pictures and likes to play a game we call "round and round" where he moves the board at speed in big circles. This is often so fast that people can't keep up with the board and their fingers come off showing that no-one is physically pushing the board."

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