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Ye Olde Salutation Inn

A spectral highwayman has been reported here. His ghost leaps to his feet, waving pistols and shouting silent curses before vanishing, a remnant of the time when he was arrested in the 1730s. Rosie, a street urchin, is another phantom - she is seen carrying a bunch of roses. She is said to have struck by a carriage when she was about 4 and her phantom scratches visitors, although it is said that dolls and other teddy bears left in the cave below the pub have placated her. A former landlord, who accidentally poisoned himself, has also been seen here and is blamed for lights flickering in the cellar. Glasses have been seen falling off the shelves and some have levitated (as have ashtrays) and been pushed along the bar by unseen hands and keys went temporarily missing. A young girl and boy have been seen in the tunnels below the pub, where people experience temperature drops and the sensation of being touched.

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