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Gladstone Pottery Museum

The sound of someone running and bangs have been heard, and strange smells detected on the stairs that lead up to the gallery; additionally, objects are said to be thrown, move by themselves or be re-arranged, and doors have been flung open. With regards to visible phantoms, an old man with "a fine set of whiskers" and wearing a smock, has been mentioned, as have cloth-capped children playing "ring-a-ring-o' roses" in the courtyard, a phantom lady in Victorian clothing who exudes the scent of lavender as she walks by people, and "a burly, bare-knuckle fighter near one of the kilns who is said to shout at anyone who goes near the area he haunts."

Update: 16/6/21: Nerys Williams, the Audience Development Manager informs me that, "I’m afraid I don’t know of any unusual or inexplicable events which have happened at the museum in the last few years."

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