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Best Western Bestwood Lodge Hotel

A spectral lady in 17th century fashion walks through the ground, laughing and chatting with invisible friends. It is said that she is actress Nell Gwynne, the mistress of Charles II and the mother of their illegitimate son; they were granted the estate by the King although the original building has not survived, the hotel now standing on the site. Cold spots, voices coming from the cellar, doors slamming (and locked doors being found open) and "swinging chandeliers" have also been reported too, and the smell of oranges detected in the family room. A rarely seen "Grey Lady" has sometimes been observed in the cellar and bar area, while an invisible horse has been heard in the parkland and white figures in shrouds have been seen in the trees.

Update 10/1/22: Emily of the reception team replied to my email about recent phenomena: "Historically we have had lots of activity reported, however due to the pandemic we haven't had anything new really reported within the last 2 years or so."

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