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Codnor Castle

A worn-out and unshaved Roundhead is the most prominent of the spectral figures seen here.

Update 13/7/21: Rokia Brown, the Chairman of the trust that oversees the trust tells me, "The Castle has a long history of being Haunted taken from eye witness accounts over years and years." When asked for further details, she told me, "[These are] Visitors and guests have reported hearing voices both talking and singing; Objects being thrown around rooms and at visitors; Equipment from paranormal teams failing to work; The figure of a man wearing a dull metal helmet running through the castle grounds; At least 30 big black dogs running from the castle and then disappearing into thin air; Horse hoofs pounding on the ground right next to visitors with no horses present; A dark mist being captured [on camera?]; Dismembered voices which break away and then come back...Resident ghosts: The Grey lady. Probably taken from the barons De Grey who used to live at the castle; A knights templar who died from his wounds at the castle; An angry Scottish soldiar who died of battle weariness."

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