The Rising Sun

Dave Mountford was the licensee of this pub at one point; he told me, "We moved into the Rising Sun in 2007 and our 6 month old son refused to sleep in his allotted room. We were given this newspaper article after a few months and discovered that he was in the room that was boarded up in the story. My wife, who is a spiritualist was well aware of the little girl and quite a few staff heard her along with myself."

Dave provided a copy of the newspaper clipping from 1993, which stated that locals claimed that a small child haunted the pub and that in the 1950s the then landlord lived here without knowing of the boarded up bedroom; it was only be observing the position of an external window and then, by knocking down an internal wall was the secret revealed. There is no explanation as to why the room was sealed off from the rest of the building.

Update 7/3/22: I contacted the pub and asked about any recent phenomena: "Unfortunately not, other than the Landlady, who haunts the bar, consuming spirits."

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