The Lion And Swan

The ghost of a naked young girl, apart from some clogs, has been seen by the fireplace in the lounge. A spectral coach driver wearing a brown coat and hat has been seen stoking the fire and is said to be the most prolific ghost in the building. Room 20 "houses" the most famous phantom here, known as "The Lady of the Night." She breathes on the neck of single men and her weight has been felt pressing down on people. The hotel reception once received a phone call from room 23 - but there was no-one in the room at the time. The landlord also heard a young girl's giggle close to his apartment after he had locked up the hotel for the night; the owner of the building also heard children behind him in the same area - but again, when he turned there was no-one there...and his pet dog had bolted! It is in this part of the hotel that a young girl or boy has been reported, too. A figure was seen walking past a door in the cellar's bottling area and a till was knocked over spilling loose change on to the floor.

Update 9/9/21: The Hotel responded to my Facebook query of any recent events; "we have had nothing since we took over in July last year [2020]."

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