The Tivoli

According to "North Wales Live", this nightclub, which was once a cinema, "is said to be haunted by the spirit of an "executioner". Taps in the building are said to have a mind of their own, bottles have been known to fly from the fridges and ghostly figures, including a little boy, have been spotted in the stairs. It is also believed in 1946, a projectionist died after being caught in a fire in the projection room. Rumour has it that he was purposely locked in by the person who started the fire." A dark figure was once claimed to have been seen on CCTV and a staff member said that he had also seen it around ten years previously.

Update 21/2/22: The nightclub replied to my Facebook query regarding any recent phenomena: "Yes plenty from bottles falling off fridges to "white" moving smoke"

Link: North Wales Live

Link: Leader Live

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