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Rufford Abbey

The Abbey and its environs plays host to "The Black Friar"; he is said to walk up to people and then remove his cowl to reveal a skull; some stories say that he likes to stand behind people in mirrors. A "White Lady" has also been reported here, believed to be Lady Arabella Stuart who lived here as a child. She was distantly in line to the thrones of England and Scotland which meant that successive monarchs felt obliged to keep an eye on her. A love affair resulted in her being incarcerated in the Tower of London where she spent the rest of her life, even after one failed escape attempt. She wanders into buildings before vanishing. Another spectre here is a nanny dressed in Victorian clothes who has been seen pushing a pram around, most often in the summer months. A lady who stayed in the hall overnight said that she felt the sensation of clamminess, like cold skin in bed at night - she found out that a child who was murdered years before liked to climb into bed with people for comfort. There are also said to be the sound of children laughing as well as monks chanting.

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