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Stanley Palace

A "negative" ghost of a 17th century man, with a black shirt and face has been seen here, believed to be James Stanley, the 7th Earl of Derby who was executed for his Royalist views. The other phantoms here are a "Grey Lady" in the Gallery or Queen Anne room on the 1st floor (she may be the lady ghost who is sometimes seen playing the piano), a malevolent "Black Friar" and the sound of children laughing, singing and running from room to room.

Update 22/9/21: I spoke to Mike Edwards, a trustee for the Palace and he told me of recent happenings at the building. He said that they have never had things move about and never once talked about any visible phantoms. He said that there have been old sensations within the building. For instance, the atmosphere in the building sometimes, out of the blue, "gets heavy". This happened when a chap came into the building and it affected the feeling in the whole place, even those who didn't know that the man had come in. There seemed to be no reason for the change in atmosphere. The opposite feelings have also been remarked upon. Bringing in flowers, for instance, elicits "a feeling of joy" - even by those who had no idea they had been brought in. There have been odd feelings of tension on the stairs, as if tight (and invisible) cotton had been stretched across them. It seems to affect different people in different ways; a secretary could only feel it across her shoulders while someone else may feel it on their hands. An employee's dog would scratch at a certain place on the floor and react on the stairs, but nothing else has happened in the building. Sadly, the trustees have had their run-in with disreputable ghost groups, some of who have faked phenomena and put videos on YouTube, denying their fraud. The building has also been damaged by these groups, too.

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