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The Pied Bull

The spectral activity seems to be focussed in rooms 8 and 9 where a figure has been seen; in the latter room, some say that it is the ghost of a chambermaid. An icy presence has also been felt in the cellar, said to be John Davies, who fell down the steps here in 1690 (or 1609) - some versions of the tale say that he was carrying a knife in his hand which killed him as he fell. Another phantom said to have been encountered here originally started off in the stable block; the man in question died there after he knocked over a lantern and set fire to the building and himself. In the cellar, he makes noises and turns beer pumps on and off. Cold draughts, and the feeling of being touched or prodded have also been experienced.

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Update: 28/1/2020 Responding to an email from myself, the Pied Bull replied with accounts of their phantoms: "The ghost of a man is said to haunt the cellar and the cellar seems to be the hub of all of the paranormal activity, with some staff members actually refusing to go down there alone. The man who haunts the cellar is thought to be named John Davies, and in 1609 it was reported that ‘he casually fell down a flight of stairs leading to the cellar belonging to the pied bull, and with a knife in his hand... and died’. As well as the ghost in the cellar, two of the bedrooms are said to be haunted by chambermaids who used to work at the hotel - perhaps they enjoyed their time there so much." The only thing that has happened recently was, "housekeepers occasionally hearing their names being called on the middle corridor and nobody being present at the time."

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