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LLindir Inn

Many years ago, a guest experienced cold sensations, a bed shaking and then the bedclothes being pulled off, and then the sound of creaking floorboards as if men were struggling - there was then the feeling of pressure on his throat. Tappings, groanings and someone being pushed down the stairs have also been reported here.

Update 14/3/22: I spoke to Annie Woolf, who runs the inn with her partner Tom. She says that the most prevalent phenomena are "shadowy" figures, usually seen out of the corner of the eye; at the time of our conversation, the pub was going through a quiet phase, but in the past sightings had been fairly frequent. One encounter was different from the others however; a "massive" black shadow came through the front door, opening it as it did so, and moved at great speed into the back room, where it was found to have vanished. Annie and two farmers at the bar were witnesses to this. There have been a multitude of other phenomena too: the slider control on the heating has been found to be in the 'off' position despite it being left on by the household; the light in the cellar being found turned off on one occasion; her younger stepson hearing voices downstairs; and Tom's children saying that they don't mind "the woman" but don't like "the man." Recently, a glass was found knocked off the bar by Tom and he initially paid it little concern as he thought that he might have knocked it off himself. He replaced the glass further back on the shelf next to the ice bucket and turned away to attend to other business. Seconds later, he heard a smash and turned to see both the glass - now broken - and ice bucket on the floor. Annie told me that in the past there have also been stories of footsteps in the building, too. The story is that the ghost is a woman named 'Sylvia', who was 'entertaining' a male friend when her husband arrived and killed them both. However, Annie is not sure if this story was an invention to drum up trade.

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