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Bolsover Castle

A plethora of phantoms have been reported here: objects moving, sounds of horses and loud screams, flickering, candle-like lights seen moving and footsteps in the riding house. In the grounds, people report sensations as if they are being pushed along or watched, and some see Civil War soldiers or marching feet or the sounds of horses hooves. Ghostly knights are sometimes described and a grey lady has also been seen in the gardens, where footsteps are sometimes heard. The ghost of a friendly young boy, invisible to adults, takes the hands of corporeal children. In "The Little Castle", the smell of pipe smoke and perfume has been detected and one tour guide was pushed down the stairs. A previous housekeeper who occupied one room seems loathe to leave as the doors slam shut and are locked by an unseen hand, and stories of opaque mists and a tightening of the chest abound. The housekeeper, whose phantom has been seen, died of pneumonia and this may be the cause of people's breathing difficulties. In the basement, people have reported the smell of food including oranges and cucumber. The most common phenomena seems to be people being slapped, pushed, tickled, pinched or their clothes tugged. There are many other stories associated with this place, the most famous being the time a lady walked into the kitchen, and became aware of movement near the ovens. A young woman, looking frightened and apprehensive, came striding into the room, carrying a bundle under her arm. Continuously glancing over her shoulder in a nervous fashion, the woman opened the door to the ovens and shoved the bundle into the furnace. The witness then heard a baby crying but when she approached the young woman, she faded away.

Update 15/9/21: The team at the Castle replied to my Facebook query; "We haven’t had anything reported recently."

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