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Mosborough Hall Hotel

Floorboards that apparently showed bloodstains in room 9 were removed here. The story is that a squire got a servant girl pregnant, and when he spurned her, she threatened to tell his wife, whereupon the squire chased her into the hall and murdered her in an upstairs room with a knife, hence the "bloodstains". Some grisly versions say that he slit her throat in her sleep; others say that the lady concerned wasn't a servant, but a governess and that he rejected her "due to his limited financial resources"; while some adaptations of the tale say that the squire pursued her out of the building where he murdered her. This latter variant ties in with reports of her running from the farmyard, across Hollow Lane and through a doorway. The sightings are all around September 8th, presumably the date of her murder. She has also apparently been observed inside the hotel, and the sound of an argument heard which was presumably their final quarrel. Additionally, during renovation work, the architect heard strange noises and his dog wouldn't go into an area of the 1st floor. Finally, people have also heard their name called.

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