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Best Western Plus West Retford Hotel

The ghost of "A White Lady" is seen here in what was once the master bedroom, although she does meander down the staircase and heads to a side door leading to the old stables. She then passes through the courtyard to vanish just outside the stable block. She is also seen in the reception area where the door sometimes flies open and slams shut. The ghost is believed to be the wife of a previous owner. While her husband was away during World War 1, she would entertain herself with another man but rumours of her dalliance reached her spouse. Soon after he returned, his wife's lover had hung himself in the stables and the lady had packed up and left.

Update 14/2/22: Pam Stevens, the General Manager replied to my email query asking about any recent phenomena: "Nothing to report here sorry I have been here for the last 15 years and not seen anything"

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