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Lyme Park

On stormy nights, a ghostly funeral procession is said to be seen moving along the driveway, followed by a howling lady. The procession is a re-enactment of the burial of Sir Piers Leigh who died in 1422: the lady was named Blanche, and she was Piers's mistress (some stories say that she is Piers' wife, Lady Joan, who, like Blanche, died of a broken heart when they heard the news and passed away before his body was repatriated). She pined to death on the banks of the River Bolin, and was buried on the spot, the area being renamed "Lady's Grave." Within the house, the Long Gallery is known as "The Ghost Room" on account of its spectre, and the spectral smell of oranges have been detected from time to time.

Update 2/3/22: Lisa Smart, the Assistant Business Services Co-ordinator informs me, "As far as I am aware Lyme has always been pretty much ghost free and certainly nothing in the last few years."

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