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The Three Tuns

A phantom nun, believed to have been bricked up in the cellar, haunts this pub. She moves thing around and makes a nuisance of herself in the cellar (female sobbing has been heard but is difficult to locate), but she has also been "experienced" upstairs where she pinches and pulls at people.

Update 8/3/22: I spoke to James Bradshaw, the landlord, and he told me a few tales from the recent past. He had been in the pub for two years, sadly coinciding with the first UK covid lockdown which stymied his business. Soon after, he and his colleagues realised that the ale that they had stocked was going to be wasted and rather than let that happen, they had a few drinks. James's ex partner, Shelley, started antagonising the ghosts that they had heard about, which James found a bit disrespectful. That night, Shelley found her nightgown, which had been hanging in the bathroom, ripped up. James also found some of his boxes ripped up too. Shelley also at one point experienced the sensation of being strangled. James described taps and fires being turned on - and even heard a voice too. He described it as being a woman, in her 40s and with a Sheffield accent asking where Hayley was (Hayley, who worked at the pub at the time, had just left the area). James says that he finds the pub "soothing" and "welcoming" despite some "freaky" stuff happening.

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