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Gainsborough Old Hall

The tower of the hall is said to be haunted by a "Grey Lady"; she is the spirit the daughter of the Lord of the Manor who fell in love with a soldier, but her father disapproved and foiled their plans to elope. The girl confined herself to the tower where she pined and eventually died (another version said that the father locked her up). This ghost seems to be aware and has tried to interact with at least one witness. The ghost may also be responsible for footsteps and the sound of a door closing in the hallway to the tower. A small boy has also been reported in the area of the gift shop, and a "well-built man in dark clothing" was observed in the kitchen. There have been other reports of spectral activity attached to this building too.

Update 4/1/22: Staff at the hall responded to my Facebook query for any recent phenomena: "Like all old buildings we have had reports of inexplicable phenomena. The building has been closed to the public for a while and was managed by a different organisation for many years prior to 2020 so we don’t have anything recent to report."

Link: Lincolnshire Live

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