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Empire Theatre

The phantom of a crying girl in Victorian garb has been seen in the bar late at night; she is then led or dragged off by another spectre who is described as having no, or dark, eyes. Some say that the girl fell to her death from the circle into the stalls, breaking her neck. A phantom whistler and the spectres of three music hall comedians (Arthur Lucan, Wee Georgie Woods and Jimmy Clitheroe) are also said to be in residence in the theatre. Victorian actors and actresses were once seen on stage, and dressing room "S" (and possibly others) has a black shadow that only ever appears in the mirror. This ghost is dubbed 'The Black Phantom' and may be the 'dark eyed' spectre mentioned above. There are also stories of 'chill winds' and doors that slam by themselves. A phantom handyman, named "Les," haunts the changing room areas too. Outside the theatre, meanwhile, the ghost of singer Michael Holiday is said to walk; he killed himself in 1963.

Update 4/2/22: When asked if anything had been experienced recently, the theatre replied via Facebook; "...I'm afraid that we are not aware of any recent spooky happenings in and around the venue."

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