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Ordsall Hall Museum

The "White Lady" has been seen in the Great Hall and Star Chamber, and could be Lady Margaret Radclyffe, who lost her spirit for life when her brother was killed in a battle in Ireland. She died and was buried in Westminster Abbey but she returns to her home in death, usually when schoolchildren are in attendance - her appearance is said to be herladed by the smell of roses; some think that a candle seen floating by itself denotes the presence of this unfortunate lady. Another phantom, again said to be seen when children visit, is "Cecily", a girl who was jilted on her wedding day and threw herself to her death from the staircase in the main hall. The third 'identified' phantom is Sir John Radclyffe, who died in battle in France but returns to his old home where, true to his reputation, he is 'keen' on female visitors to the hall. Also in the Star Chamber comes stories of the sound of children's voices and one attendant smelt horse manure here once. In other parts of the building, poltergeist-like activity including footsteps, drops in temperature, the sound of dragging, flickering lightbulbs, strange lights and the sensation of someone invisible breathing on someone's neck from behind have been described.

Update 13/1/22: The hall responded to my Facebook request for recent phenomena: "Yes visitors and staff still regularly report strange things happening at the Hall." Inquiring what these events were, I was told, "Many have heard their names called before now. On one of the ghost nights a staff member saw someone though a window walking down a corridor who then never appeared. In the past before the restoration staff members would hear people walking in the attic before there was access up there."

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