Bispham Hall

Courtesy of Peter Crawley; "Three ghosts have been seen in the grounds of the 400 year old Bispham Hall in Billinge. Most frequently seen, in the month of August, is a lady dressed in white flowing robes who walks 200 yards from the house to an ornamental lake. A man dressed in riding habit has been seen standing near a clearing. He vanishes into thin air when approached. The spirit of a dog sits close to a little grave. On the gravestone is the inscription "Alas Poor Faithful". In the 1970s, a white dog was seen near the grave in daylight."

Update 26/1/22: Danny, a worker for the British Boy Scouts, replied to my Facebook query: "the old hall is actually private owned and is not on the land owned by Bispham Hall Scout Estate. There have been some tales told about the ghost of an lady in the windows of the old hall but I am unsure if this us scout leaders trying to scare the kids to go to sleep."

Source: The Official Ghost Quest on Facebook

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