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The Honeysuckle

A young lady in a 1960s style raincoat has been reported here; sometimes she is seen with a younger girl and it is said that she died from smoke inhalation and the older woman is her mother searching for her daughter. One punter had a conversation with a ghost, and a second reflection has been seen in the mirror, and there are stories of whispering and someone blowing on the landlord's granddaughter's face. A man in a black cloak has been seen in the cellar, where prisoners were temporarily held. The door to the cellar once locked itself, forcing staff to force it open.

Update 31/1/22: I sent the pub a message via Facebook asking about recent observations and Violet responded; "We are in the pub since 2018 and I know about a ghost that I was told is haunting the pub. There are some things that are strange to me: after closing hours we close all 3 TV that we have and the lights. I was alone in front of the till when suddenly the TV started . There wasn't any images- just white ( like in scary movies) . It happened several times. After lockdown did not. Also, in the cellar( which is huge) strange noises and even last evening, I was alone and heard some noises but more strange a feeling that someone was watching me. People here are convinced is a former prisoner who was killed trying to escape- it seems that at a moment here was a transition prison. But I have no records of anything. "

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