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Brodsworth Hall

The dining room hall door handle turns and then opens upon which the chairs are drawn from the table. A man in a tweed suit has also been seen at the table and is thought to be a previous owner, Augustus Thellusson. On the stairs, a lady in a Victorian dress has been seen descending, vanishing as she reaches the bottom; at the top of the stairs is the ghost of a man in a khaki uniform who walks into a nearby room. Ladies have reported the sensation of being pushed out of an upstairs room while in the past, a man in a tricorn hat appeared from a mist outside the gates outside the hall.

Update 14/3/22: English Heritage curator Eleanor Matthews informs me, "Historically, there are no ghosts at Brodsworth Hall and Gardens." In later correspondence, she told me, "I have asked around the site team today and am afraid we don’t know where any of these stories originate from, as they are not ones we’ve heard. We have an extensive oral history collection which records the memories of previous staff at Brodsworth who worked at the site from the 1930s onwards – many of the interviewees were asked about ghosts and all replied that there aren’t any."

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