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Duke William

Thick smoke coming from a vacant room has been reported; additionally, a tall "sinister" man in a black cape and top hat has been seen in the men's toilets, and a spectral lady seen in the doorway to the kitchens. A salt pot was flung against a wall so hard that it shattered on impact, and temperature drops have also occurred as have tapping noises.

Update 26/2/22: Diane Dobson replied to my email asking about any recent phenomena: "I’ve never seen, heard or felt anything but the manager who currently lives on site tells us he 'sees' shapes go across his door. There have been in the past rumoured other experiences and last year a customer was FaceTiming a friend who asked who the child was with him. The description was of a child in a striped t-shirt which sounds very modern to me. I’ve been here for 9 years and am definitely not convinced that there is anything. I get the feeling of a lovely cosy building that almost feels like it’s looking after me - and I don’t want that to be changed"

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