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The Rushcart Inn

The ghost here is said to be John 'Almighty' Whiteley who was a jack-of-all-trades including being a policeman and preacher. He was forced to sell the inn and he died in poverty, with his portrait being left in the pub. Door latches rattling, cold spots, glass flames shattering, the sound of singing and doors opening and closing have been blamed on the "cursed" painting.

Update 11/3/22: Maria Ruffa, the landlady, replied to my email if anything had been experienced recently: "my opinion yes ... I hear a lot of vibes and noise ... but all in positive way." Later I was told, "Yes we had some moving things , I heard door open and step walking , voice calling , and I got cctv camere a lot of time bright up when I walk-in my house and light switch on "

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