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Temple Newsam House

A small boy who comes out of a cupboard, a downcast Knight Templar and a "malevolent-looking" monk in the Long Gallery have been seen. The door to room 4 in the South Wing opens and closes by itself, while noises sounding like furniture moving have been heard in the room below. Terrible screams have been heard coming from the Red Room, and a horse-drawn carriage seen on the drive leading from Bullerthorpe Lane. Historically, a "Blue Lady" in an appropriately coloured gown and a lace shawl was seen but it is unclear whether she has been seen recently. It is thought that she was Mary Ingram, the granddaughter of former owner Sir Arthur Ingram. A highwayman took a pair of expensive earrings when she was on her way home from a party. The earrings had been given to her when she was christened and had huge emotional weight. She was so distraught at the theft that she is said to have starved herself to death. In addition, a person in the Grey Room will smell smoke - but no-one else in the group has. Another phantom is said to be Phoebe Grey, a nursemaid who was murdered by a servant.

Update 25/1/22: I contacted the house asking about recent phenomena and was sent a link to a 2018 press release to coincide with Halloween. The release is interesting as it says that a necklace, and not earrings were taken, and that after the attack, Mary made her way home and awoke the next day with no memory of the attack. She was convinced that she had lost her keepsake and spent the next few weeks searching for the necklace, neglecting to eat or drink. She died two weeks later. The press release says that, "her unhappy spirit is said to have continued to wander the house, forever looking for her missing jewelry. In that time, members of staff and eye witnesses have reported hearing unexplained creaking noises, experiencing sudden, unexplained drops in temperature and seeing carpets ripple. Bobbie Robertson, keeper at Temple Newsam House, said: 'Stories of ghosts haunting the house have endured for centuries and there have certainly been a few unexplained incidents over the years, which at this time of year take on an added significance. The house is an amazingly atmospheric place at Halloween, but for us, these stories are mainly just another way of connecting visitors with the many people who have lived here through the years and who have played a part in making Temple Newsam the place it is today.'"

I inquired whether anything had been encountered in the meantime and was told, "Not as far as I'm aware."

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