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The Viaduct

A member of staff noticed something move to her side but no-one was there when she looked, and a cleaner swept away dust and rubbish from the floor but when she turned back to look, a new pile of muck had been piled on the original spot!

Update 2/2/22: I contacted the showbar via Facebook and when I asked if anything had happened recently, I was told, "we may have had a couple." Later on I received a message from Ian Platt, who works at the viaduct showbar and previously lived above it. He apparently has "quite a few stories ... Customers also can tell you a few things." The next day, Ian provided more accounts: "Loads and loads over last 12 years i been there and a wide range of things from people seeing a hooded man stood at the bottom of the bed separate people same room .. shadows that pass people .. footsteps when theres no one else in the building .. a door that used to open and shut itself .. something tapping people on the shoulder things been moved around managers locking venue early hours only to hear banging inside full check no one inside "

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