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City Varieties Music Hall

A bowler hatted man in old fashioned garb and a spectral woman holding a lit candelabra have been seen near the piano. There is also a lady in crinoline near the bar who disappeared into a fireplace, a man in a World War One trenchcoat, a woman in old clothing standing over a washbasin, footsteps, knockings, bangings, keys temporarily going missing, a piano playing and many other ghosts including a pair of legs that walks to the upper circle!

Update 29/9/21: Bryony, an employee at the box office informs me, "Some of the strange things that have been reported through the years include a man in a bowler hat sitting by a piano, a pair of disembodied legs walking up the stairs, a gentleman wearing a First World War coat and a variety of poltergeist activity (slamming doors, cold spots, heavy breathing and touches from unseen hands).

However, the most persistent of the spirits seems to be the white lady. This apparition is said to be a female vocalist who once performed at the music hall. One witness claims that he spent the night in the music hall and slept in the dress circle’s bar. He says that he was woken in the night and noticed the room was ice cold. It was then he spotted a woman in a crinoline dress standing over him. He screamed in fright and the woman seemed to just vanish into thin air!"

When asked if there had been any sightings in the near past, I was told "Nothing *too* recent or reported I’m afraid!"

Link: Yorkshire Evening Post

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