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The Grand Theatre and Opera House

A ghostly woman wearing lavender in the upper circle, a shadowy figure walking down the stairs, a caped figure with a "ghastly" face seen in a box, programmes falling to the floor, strange noises and others have been reported here.

Update 29/9/21: Bryony, an employee at the box office, informs me, "Leeds Grand Theatre is renowned for its spooky shenanigans, with many people reporting they have seen or felt something whilst in the building.

Probably our most famous ghoul is the illusive Lavender Lady. Rumour has it that she's fond of joining theatre patrons in the Boxes leaving behind her distinctive lavender scent.

Or maybe you’ve felt a ghostly sensation when sitting in the Dress Circle – our second spook is known as The Cavalier, a mystery gentleman dressed in costume who likes to wander the Dress Circle. Did he perform here or was he just a theatre-lover?

And finally, there’s the mysterious waiter, who is often spotted disappearing between two pillars at Upper Circle level. When surveying the building for the Transformation project in 2005, it was discovered that there used to be a door through to the Upper Circle bar in the very spot he vanishes."

When asked if there had been any sightings in the near past, I was told "Nothing *too* recent or reported I’m afraid!"

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