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Dog and Gun Inn

The ghost of an old lady dressed in black has been seen here, between the toilets and the stairs; it is said she was injured by a horse and cart outside the pub and was carried inside, where she died. The phantom has been variously nicknamed "Lucy" or "Sarah" and she is believed to be a pig farmer who spent a lot of her time in the pub. Other reports include: The landlord's dog reacting to something invisible; a toilet cubible locking from the inside; a customer pushed in the back; music comes on in the night; and plates and a bell being flung from the wall. One incident that left even the officialdom of the Fire Service bewildered was a porcelain figure of an an angel catching fire! Another tongue in cheek report is that the phantom likes to play Julio Iglesias songs at full blast (!)

Update 18/11/21 In initial contact via Facebook, I was told in response to a query about recent phenomena, "Hi no not in the past few years but since we have been here yes there have." In subsequent emails, Kathryn Roper told me, "it stopped in 2008 when we had a big extension done we had a ghost tv company in about 10 years ago that found alot of action in the old well restaurant which was part of the original coach house, nothing major has happened though, but they did some recordings of things in that room , which showed movement." The phenomena consisted of "Things moving, radio coming on,and lights during the night." She also confirmed the Julio Iglesias story above. However, in brief, it seems that whatever existed here has since dried up.

Link: Bradford Telegraph and Argus

Link: Bradford Telegraph and Argus

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