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The Thornhill

A pen flew across a room and a glass broke here. A woman dressed in black, said to be a previous cleaner, was seen here once - she may be responsible for an unkempt bathroom being found in a tidied state. Also, bar stools were also obligingly found piled up at the end of one evening!

Link: Yorkshire Evening Post.

Update 16/12/21: The pub responded to my Facebook query for any recent phenomena: "Yes there are historically some interesting tales about the pub. Me and my husband have lived here for 11 years now. I’ll be honest we're sceptical about paranormal activity so we tend to explain things away so to speak! However plenty of my staff have reported glasses flying off the shelves and taps on the shoulder when in the cellar. One member of staff reported seeing an apparition of a Lady in a black Victorian dress. We have a superstition around one of the pictures hanging in the pub which was hung upside down years ago and the story goes if it's hung the right way up the spirits will start their mischief!"

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