The Cricketers Arms

A ghost wearing a flat cap is said to haunt this building.

Update 30/7/21: Helen, a worker at this pub, when asked on Facebook if anything had been experienced recently said, "All the time, we all talk to them, keeps them from causing us too much grief. A lot of stuff disappears then turns back up in the same spot later on too." When asked for further details, she mentioned hearing people call her name, only to find that no-one had; there has also been a shadow that frequently goes back and forth where the toilet entrances are; a "weird smell" that she and Jo, a colleague, detected for a few weeks that moved around the pub; items disappearing (as mentioned previously) but she says that they usually show up when she kindly asks for them to be returned; an old man that another colleague, Jade, saw at the bottom of the stairs; footsteps being heard; and things seen out of the corner of the eye.

Link: Yorkshire Post

Link: Bradford Telegraph and Argus

There is a pub in Baildon with the same name that has a claim for a similar flat capped ghost and it is possible that the two establishments have become confused.

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