The Old Cock

"Strange" (but unspecified) things were said to happen here, mainly in the kitchen. During recent renovation work, odd noises were heard in the building and the plasterer refused to go into the cellar. However, the ghost is said to be friendly.

Update 27/2/22: Proprietor Lee Pullen replied to my email about ghosts at his premises: "When i was renovating the building and turning it into a pub, there were 2 specific happenings that I will never forget. I was soldering in some first fix plumbing where the sink is now behind the bar when i heard somebody running up some steps directly above my head. There was nobody else in the building and many years ago, there used to be a staircase above where I was working. Also one day when i was working on the renovation with my Dad, we heard a cat Meowing very loudly. It appeared to be in the cellar, but the cellar was empty yet we could hear it for about an hour and it definitely seemed to be in the cellar. We checked all round the building and in the fireplaces and there was definitely no cat hiding anywhere ... The Plasterer did eventually do a small amount of plastering in the cellar, he just really didn’t like it down there. He said it really spooked him and couldn’t wait to get back upstairs ... Many people who have worked with us have often said that when they have been in a room on their own, they feel like they are being watched. Nobody has said that they have felt frightened though." Lee didn't recall what has supposed to have happened in the kitchen, other than a lady who worked in the building's prior incarnation as 'The Curlew Cafe' said that a lot of stuff, including items moving happened in the kitchen (Lee was told this was after the pub first opened in 2010). Lee told me that his wife Linda, just before first opening the pub was friendly with a 'white witch' who had a shop in the town; and that while laying stone flags, the witch briefly visited and said that the building had a presence[presences?], but "not to worry, they were friendly." Linda was also the subject of something odd; "...once she was in [the kitchen] and leaning out of the window watering the hanging baskets at the front and somebody stroked her leg. She turned around straight away and there was no-one there and nobody else in the building." The touch was described as "a firm stroke" but being sceptical, she convinced herself that it was nothing. The only recent phenomena that Lee is aware of is that, "Recently there was a pint of beer placed on the bar and before the customer had taken a drink, it exploded. We put it down to a faulty glass, although I’ve never seen it happen before."

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