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The Swan Inn

A coachman that strides into the bar, a phantom dog and a spectral woman by the fireplace have been seen in this building, which was once used as a mortuary!

Update 12/1/22: I contacted the pub via Facebook enquiring about recent phenomena and Amy replied, "Attached to our pub is a building that was used as a chapel of rest. It was added on to the pub as a meeting room for the Order of oddfellows in 1826ish. The Oddfellows built a lodge a few years later as the members were spending their money on beer instead of putting it in the charity box! An undertaker used the chapel after that. We hear lots of clattering & banging in the night. The staff and myself often see somebody out of the corner of our eyes at the bar, but there is no one there. The hand dryers go off a lot when there is no one around too! The toilets are built in to the chapel."

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