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The Golden Fleece

No fewer than 8 ghosts are claimed for this pub, with some authorities claiming as many as 15! A World War 2 Canadian air force officer named Geoff Monroe is said to haunt this building; he fell from his bedroom window after a drinking spree and his ghost has been seen in the room, or at the spot on the pavement where he died. Other ghosts are; a young boy in the bars who was trampled to death by a horse and who is blamed for the feeling that customer's pockets are being picked; highwayman "One Eyed Jack" has also been seen; the Minster Suite bedroom has a moving bed and the sound of children crying; the Shambles bedroom has strange lights and the sensation of someone sitting on the bed; St Catherine's Room has dark figures and a spectral laugher; Lady Peckett's (the wife of a Lord Mayor) room has the titular lady herself (she is also seen elsewhere and is apparently quite active); allegedly there are roman soldiers to be seen in the cellar and a lady running through a wall screaming has been seen in the downstairs function room. There is also a phantom dog to be encountered, as well as stories of people have their names called and the tick of a clock being heard - even though there is no such device in the room.

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