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Theatre Royal York

The theatre is haunted by a nun in grey and white garb, who is seen near the dress circle, leaning out a box and at the front of the auditorium; the theatre stands on the old site of St Leonard's Hospital, which was run by nuns and is said that she was walled up alive for falling in love. Her appearance is said to foretell a good night's production for the current play. Another spectre is an actor from the 18th century who died after a duel to win the affection of a girl. There have also been reports of organ museum in the theatre - and there is no such instrument in the building.

Update: 26/2/20: Jenny Kenkins, administrator at the theatre replied to my email, saying "The only reports I have heard have been retellings of old stories"; however, she did provide a newspaper article from 2014 which reported that, during the interval of 'The Kite Runner' an audience member went to the toilets and encountered a ghost. She refused to return to her seat. Another woman claimed to encounter "The Grey Lady" (said to be the nun, as mentioned above) - everything went misty and quiet during the encounter and she fled the building. The article says that another ghost is "The Dandy": "He is often seen near the stage, and is said to wear a large ring. The Dandy was apparently killed in a duel on Blake Street, and was seen on stage at his time of death by other actors performing that night." He may the 18th century actor referred to above.

Link: Daily Star

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