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Treasurer's House

The home of the treasurers of nearby York Minster in the 12th century, it was rebuilt in the 17th century, although portions of the old building exist in the cellar, where plumber Harry Martindale saw a procession of ghostly Roman soldiers in 1953, heralded by blasts from an invisible trumpet. He noted that the soldiers were walking from the knees up, due to the change in road surface over the centuries. Others have since observed the soldiers in the cellars too. The ghost of George Aislaby has also been observed in a downstairs room; he died after sustaining injuries in a duel in which a Jonathan Jennings was accused of taking advantage of a young woman. In the upstairs Tapestry Room, male visitors report that they have been shoved, and there is also a bad smell that follows men around. A lady in black is sometimes seen behind visitors in a mirror, and another female phantom, attired in grey, has been seen seated in one of the rooms. Children who have been told off for clambering onto the chairs tell their parents that "the lady told me I could!" - but this lady is only visible to youngsters. Smoke scents have sometimes been blamed on Mr.Green when items are moved for conservation work; he was a former owner who donated the house to the National Trust and was so particular in the arrangement of his furniture what he placed studs in the floor where items should stand. It is said that he vowed to haunt the house if things were moved.

Update 25/4/22: I inquired whether anything had been experienced recently and was informed by Tom Johnson, Collections and House Officer; "We don’t have anything ghostly to report..." In a follow-up email when I said that ghost reports seem to be dwindling, he said, "interestingly the comments have reduced lately for us. The team keep a book of observations as we’ve had varied comments of sightings over the years, several are so similar it’s hard not to believe them ... However the Romans have only been reported once [sic]. So despite being our most famous, like I say, as few others seem more legit - the lady in grey on a particular chair that children see and describe in the same way time and again for example."

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