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Burton Agnes Hall

Anne Griffiths and her two sisters built a new hall on the remains of the old manor house. In 1628 Anne went for a walk and was accosted by ruffians who wanted money. They stole her ring and left her for dead. Taken back to her beloved house, she asked her sisters that, after death her skull was to be kept within the hall. The promise was not kept and crashing, screams, moans and movement of furniture/slamming of doors were experienced. Soon after, the skull was brought into the hall and the disturbances ended. Every time successive owners have tried to move the skull disturbances resumed. Sometimes footsteps and the rustle of a silken dress have been heard and a young lady - Anne Griffiths herself - has been seen walking in the grounds and the house, especially the Queen's State Bedroom where she has been observed in a blue dress.

Update 23/11/21: The Hall's Facebook page informs me, "I’m afraid that there have not been any recent reports of strange, possibly ghostly, happenings here."

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