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Stephen Joseph Theatre

The ghost of a projectionist, from the time when the Odeon Cinema stood on the site, has sometimes been seen here. The tales of "Mable", a phantom usherette, would appear to be fictitious sadly.

Update 8/2/22: Jeannie Swales, the Press Officer replied to my message about any recent phenomena: "so sorry, but no! We often have people asking us about our theatre ghost - supposedly an usher who worked here when the building was a cinema - but I don’t know anyone who has actually experienced her, I’m afraid ... An awful lot of stories sprang up about this place when we moved in in 1996 - there’s rumour of a mini digger that was entombed in the basement because it was easier to do that than to try and get it out, for instance - all fairly recent and not one of them true - i rather fear the ghostly usher falls into that category!"

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