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Cosmetique and Simply Beautiful

The Georgian House, originally called Bell Mansion, was the home of Lydia Bell who fell in love with a soldier but when her father found out, he forbade her from continuing the relationship. During an evening out for her parents, when Lydia was locked into the house, she escaped - but the next day her body was found below the cliffs. On his death bed, a local man confessed to the murder. Lydia's ghost has been seen in the building and gardens, wearing the crimson dress that she wore to meet her lover on her last night. She is sometimes also seen waving at people from the windows. Cold spots in the cellar, a moving shadow, a whistling and the sound of a young girl crying have been experienced here too.

Update 29/9/21: Rosie at Cosmetique replied to my Facebook message asking about recent hauntings: "Sorry nothing reported here. The flats above are said to be haunted by some sad soul who jumped to her death from one of the windows. The building is known as Georgian House so you could maybe research that."

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