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Ancient Unicorn Inn

The ghost of "Emma" (real name Martha Railton) has been encountered here. In 1713 she fell in love with a local teenager, Roger Wrightson, but their respective parents were bitter rivals, running separate inns. The lovers had to meet in secret but after one meeting on the moorland Roger contracted a serious fever and a few days later his parents agreed that he should see Martha, but her parents disagreed. Roger died of his ailment and Martha died heartbroken immediately afterwards. The parents agreed that they should be buried together. Some reports say that her loved one has also appeared at the inn. On a recent occasion, a guest to the inn wasn't too impressed about the noise of a late night party but when he entered the room, the sound stopped - and he noticed a girl in a green party dress in the middle of the room, who vanished moments later. Roman soldiers are also said to have been seen here, after they were killed by the locals who had "taken a dislike to them." They are said to appear on the anniversary of the deaths - but reports fail to specify when this is. A dark haired man has been seen next to the fireplace (perhaps Roger Wrightson?), and a man in a bowler hat has been observed in various parts of the pub, as has a lady in a grey Victorian dress. Meanwhile, in the cellar, a boy of about 12 years old has been encountered; he was thrown here as punishment and never allowed to leave. A strange shimmering cloud of darkness was also seen in the mirror in the dining room. People also report the sensation of being touched and pushed, and of hearing strange noises in the night.

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