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The Boot and Shoe

A "stout male figure" in a leather apron has been seen at one of the bars while in the upper floors is the ghost of a serving girl who died in the attic.

Update 21/9/21: Chris Metters replied to my Facebook message; "I have been the manager of The Boot & Shoe for the last 5 years and the things I've seen have no explanation in my time here. To be honest too much to write in a message to you but these instances have been witnessed by myself and customers and staff across the years and frequently occur in this old building, such as glasses which fly from the bar for no reason at all, shadows moving round the building, apparitions visiting guests in their rooms upstairs to name a few. This is also a bar so many of these I take with a certain level of scepticism but I myself have witnessed a lot of things too which has me questioning things further."

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