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Preston Hall Museum

A spectral highwayman has been seen outside the front entrance, and the "Grey Lady" is observed in the "Brown Corridor" and walking down the main staircase. A boy wearing shorts and a white linen top has been seen; additionally a lady and her phantom dog walks through a wall in the old wine cellar (known as "The Dungeon") although it is said that she and her pet have been seen outside as well. Also, a ghostly cleaner polishes cases, a lady in a black dress was seen in the staff canteen (she also walked through a wall) and a World War 1 soldier has been observed on the Armoury stairs. The cobbler got into work one day and found that his products had been scattered on the shop floor during the night, and something also rearranged the exhibits in the cases.

Update 7/12/21: The Museum responded to my query for recent phenomena; "We have not had any recent reports of inexplicable phenomena here at the museum (sorry)"

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