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Crumlin Road Gaol

In 1932 Eddie Cullens was convicted on circumstantial evidence of the murder of fellow circus worker Achmet Musa. Despite his protestations of innocence, he was hanged and soon afterwards his phantom was seen. Additionally, an odd coldness has been reported in the execution cell, and the screams of a young boy who committed suicide rather than be flogged by the hangman have been heard too. It is not clear if his cries are still heard though or indeed whether Cullens still manifests. There are also stories of children's voices, giggling and footsteps in the tunnel that connects to the courthouse; additionally a visitor to the padded cell in B-wing felt an icy hand touch his shoulder, and then heard a voice whisper "Get out!". In D-wing, another visitor smelt burning flesh, the sound of people shouting and screaming and footsteps behind him - and the sight of an old prison warden (or perhaps wardens?), dressed in a navy blue suit. Unexplained shadows have also been seen in the cells.

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