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Springhill House

The ghost of Olivia Lenox-Conyngham is recorded as being seen here; she was the wife of George, who killed himself leaving her to look after their children. She was said to be remorseful that she could do nothing to prevent his suicide. Despite this, she is said to be happy and leave a friendly feeling in her wake, and although reported by visitors and staff, she is often seen by children. A postscript to this story notes that, "During the Second World War, US soldiers billeted at Springhill complained of a strange knocking noise coming from the night nursery. They asked for the cot to be removed. It was loaned to the Armagh Museum and the knocking stopped. But after the end of the war - and the return of the cot - the phantom knocking was heard once again."

Update 4/3/22: Alex Mackenzie, the Assistant Business Services Coordinator informs me, when asked if anything has been experienced in the last few years; "I’m afraid not, nothing has been reported recently at Springhill"

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