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Durham Castle

A spectral woman, known as "The Grey Lady of Durham Castle," has been seen on the Black Staircase for many years; it is said she is Isabella, the wife of William Van Mildert, who fell down the stairs, breaking her neck. She is also seen in the Norman Gallery, but only from the knees up due to the change in floor level over the years. The spectre of Frederick Copeman has also been seen; he was one of the very first university students here but after the exams, his name did not appear on the results sheets that were pinned up indicating that he had failed. He threw himself to his death from the cathedral tower. His agitated footsteps pacing up and down his "Crow's Nest" room have been heard before the door flies open and his steps scurry down the staircase - and then to his doom. Sadly, his suicide was in vain, as his results had been obscured on the notice board - he had obtained a first class degree.

Update 3/9/21: Raffaella Aliprandi, the Visitor Services Supervisor for Durham Castle informs me, " As far as I am aware I can’t think of strange things happening to either myself or any of my team or members of the public."

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