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Dalston Hall Hotel

Candles have been seen to light themselves in the Baronial Hall, and voices, laughter and music heard at night, too. In the Minstrel's Gallery, the bottom half of a spectral lady has been seen; another (?) ghost here is that of "Lady Jane," a maidservant who was found dead after an affair with a married gardener although it is not known if she was murdered. A phantom man has been seen behind a gate at the bottom of a staircase before fading away, and the sounds of dogs barking and crying have been heard coming from the cellars below the library as have barrels being rolled. It is here that "Mr Fingernails" has been encoutered - he is a "black fog" with long nails that has been known to scratch people. These are just some of the many phantoms in this supernaturally active hotel!

Update 11/1/22: The Hotel responded to my emailed request for any recent occurrences: "Sorry we don’t have any information."

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