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Washington Old Hall

A melancholy, weeping "Grey Lady" is said to haunt the upper floors; footsteps, sighs, the sound of a vase moving, bangs and the sensation of being touched have also occurred. Another female ghost has been seen. She wears a long grey gown (she is referred to as "The White Lady") and is accompanied by the smell of lavender and a feeling of coldness. She is seen gliding along the upper floor or sitting in a chair. A man is also said to watch over weddings in the great hall. In addition, a door to the panelled room will not stay open or closed and something jumps down the stairs with audible thumping noises - there are also stories of children's voices in this area. A man in 1940s clothing is also reported to have been observed in the garden.

Update 29/8/21: The Old Hall responded to my Facebook query about any recent phenomena: "We haven't experienced any paranormal activity in the hall - plenty of bat and squirrel activity though!"

Link: Chronicle Live

Link: Chronicle Live

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