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The Forge

Under it's previous name of "The Blacksmith's Table", the ghost of highwayman Robert Hazlitt has been seen. He was arrested at the blacksmith's shop after a local boy identified his horse from a previous crime and he alerted the authorities. After being hanged, Hazlitt's corpse was put in a gibbet as a warning. Other spectres include the blacksmith himself, a woman in the restaurant area who walks through the wall where the workshop used to be, and a man standing by the wall, looking over his left shoulder.

Update 12/8/21: Kelly replied to my Facebook query: "We bought the building back in 2017, it was in desperate need to bring the building back to life... it was tired and very much dated. We knew the stories of the highwayman, the blacksmith and the white lady from a previous owner of the blacksmiths table... he told us that if the blacksmith didn’t like or agree with what we were doing the business wouldn’t last long. That owner had ran his restaurant there for approximately 25 years and had seen, heard and held spiritual gatherings while he had been there. We have felt that we are certainly not alone in the building, some members of staff have seen the white lady, one member saw a dark figure behind her in the reflection in the mirror and when she turned she saw a sweeping cloak like figure disappear into the restaurant... I myself can tell when the blacksmith is around, he sits at a particular table and at the moment is quite happy with us and how we are doing things within the building. Most of the staff feel spooked when in the building on their own, I however find it ok... We also own and run the green tearoom, directly opposite the forge, across the village green... the old council library building... my mams late husband, when helping us renovate it, often felt that he was not alone whilst working upstairs... a lady would be impatiently present... and when I was changing stock around downstairs in the shop, I knew when the young child was 'curious' about what I was doing so late at night, as I could sense I wasn’t alone and their was a mischievous spirit around... some staff have known of objects move... on our first Christmas of 2015 in the shop, we had a late open shopping night, when everyone had gone, a few members of staff and my mam included witnessed a glass cake dome lift up from the counter and move over the other ones and then drop and smash on the floor... I knew and said straight away that the old lady had had enough noise for one night as I could sense she was annoyed. There are other little things like this but no major sightings as such."

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