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Tyne Theatre and Opera House

Robert Courtenedge is said to haunt this theatre; he is given the nickname "unfortunate Bob" or "unlucky Bob"; while standing at the side of the stage he was hit on the head and killed by a cannonball that was used to create an avalance sound effect during a show. In addition to sightings, there is said to be a cold spot in the area where he died and tobacco smoke has been smelt too. He has also been seen seated in a chair in a balcony. A "Grey Lady" is said to walk here, reputed to be a woman who was spurned and she jumped from the balcony to her doom.

Update 31/8/21: When asked if anything had happened recently, I was told via email, "Nothing particularly newsworthy, but most of our staff have had a small experience or two with 'Bob' the ghost over the last few years!"

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